Guidelines for Using SMU Electronic Resources

The SMU Libraries provide access to thousands of electronic journals, books, and databases for the non-profit educational use of Southern Methodist University. Use of these resources is governed by copyright law and individual license terms of use. Some general principles apply for permitted and prohibited uses.

Normally Permitted:

  • Viewing, downloading, copying, printing, and saving individual articles or search results.
  • Using e-resources for research and teaching.
  • Sending a copy of an article to another current SMU user.
  • Sharing the URL, or posting it. Citing small portions of content in your published research.

Normally Prohibited:

  • Systematically downloading or distributing large volumes of material.
  • Using SMU Libraries electronic resources for personal commercial gain.
  • Sharing content with non-SMU users.
  • Publicly posting the text of books, journal articles or digital photos, drawings, or other content from SMU Libraries electronic resources.

Note: Engagement in any of the activities below may result in suspension of your access, and possibly in suspension of access for all SMU users.

You are expected to comply with the terms of use for the electronic resources you use. Terms of use can usually be found on publishers’ websites or via links from their pages.