SMU encourages students to share information with their parents and family members, if they wish. With our new on-line system, students will be able to provide families with faster access to parts of their education record as permitted by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The system is available almost 24/7. To grant access to family members, please refer to the Release of Education Records.

Below is a list of FERPA forms that will need to be submitted in person to the University Registrar’s Office.
* Please note that a valid picture ID is required for identification*

  1. FERPA Form - Student's Consent for SMU to Release Information to Student's Specified Third Party: A student may release education records and/or other specified information to a specifically identified individual/party or class of parties for a specified purpose of release. A separate release must be filed for each individual request.

  2. FERPA Form - Parent's Declaration of Student's Dependency to Obtain Student Education Records: FERPA also permits, but does not require, SMU to disclose to parents of a student information contained in the education records of the student if the student is a dependent as defined in the Internal Revenue Code. The parent must complete a declaration of student dependency form along with a written request for the records.

  3. Students requesting letters of recommendation or professional references, must provide faculty with written authorization ( see Sample Permission Letter ), if personally identifiable information obtained from students' education records is included in letters of recommendation (grades, GPA, etc.).

For more information on each of these forms, contact the University Registrar’s Office at 214-768-2038 or