Gruop of students at a spirit event

The Generation Z Student

The Last Class of Millineals graduated in May...Ready or not Generation Z is here!

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Welcoming your International Roommate and Colleagues

Bridging the cultural divide when you work and live closely can be even more tricky. This great guidebook provides some easy suggestions

Roommate Power

The Research behind the initiative

Scholars in psychology, business, theology, strategic communication and cultural anthropology are leading the charge in the growing body of research exploring Cultural Intelligence.

CQ: Developing Cultural Intelligence at Work (2006)

This early text remains central to theorizing about Cultural Intelligence. Earley, Ang, and Tan (2006) establish the business case and theoretical foundation for Cultural Intelligence.

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Cultures and Organizations: The Software for the Mind (2010)

In the field of cross-cultural research no name looms larger than Geert Hofstede. In this groundbreaking book that explores his two decade study of organizations all over the world, Hofstede explains how culture impacts our lives and organizations.

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The Cultural Intelligence Difference (2011)

No scholar has done more to operationalize cultural intelligence than David Livermore. Writing for business and theology, Livermore's Cultural Intelligence Difference expanded the concept of Cultural Intelligence into new areas of influence.

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