SMU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion works with people across the University to develop, coordinate, and advance the organizational vision and strategy to fulfill the University's core values of excellence, integrity, intellectual freedom, open dialogue, and cultural understanding. Reporting directly to the President, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion guides and supports University policies and practices that foster inclusive admission, recruiting, hiring and promotion practices, and oversees SMU's Cultural Intelligence and anti-bias training. The office works to promote understanding across cultures and identities, explore interdisciplinary solutions to injustice and inequity, and prepare SMU students, faculty, and staff to effectively collaborate, lead, and create world-changing solutions with diverse partners.

Leadership Moving Forward Together


    • Organizational Grace: No one knows everything. We all make mistakes. We call Mustangs into a deeper conversation rather than cancel them out of the community.
    • Cultural Education: Cultural knowledge is an essential element of human and organizational survival. Differences in race, gender, generation, sexuality, religion, ability, class, or political ideology do not weaken us, they enable a stronger SMU to grow and thrive.

    • Elevating Together: Inviting new voices and ideas into the conversation with respect and openness. Cultivating connections to move forward as world changers.