Electronic Pay Papers - Overview

Electronic Hire/Rehire Forms (formerly called "ePAFs")

The electronic Hire/Rehire Forms (formerly called "ePAFs") are accessible in my.SMU, under Manager Self Service. These forms are used for submitting the hire or rehire details through the automatic approval workflow process, for Adjunct Faculty, Student Workers, and Temporary Staff (not hired through Kelly Services). The electronic forms are available under Manager Self Service > Hire/Rehire Employee tile in my.SMU.edu.*

*Please note that you must complete the Hire/Rehire Initiator training before you will be granted the security access to initiate and submit hire/rehire records in my.SMU. Hire/Rehire Initiator training is available online and can be requested using the Hire/Rehire Form Permissions template via the STABLE system. (Locate the Hire/Rehire Form Permissions tile in the Accounts section.) Once the request is submitted, the OIT Help Desk staff will contact you regarding access to the Hire/Rehire training and provide further instructions regarding next steps.

All regular staff and faculty are automatically granted the security access to the Hire/Rehire Employee tile in my.SMU, through which the Hire/Rehire Forms are evaluated for approval or denial.

The Hire/Rehire process is also used for the hiring of regular ("benefit-eligible") faculty, staff, and Post Docs. Contact the Department of Human Resources for guidance on submitting Hire/Rehire Forms for regular faculty and staff jobs.

ePAF Batch Upload Process

The ePAF batch upload process provides you the option of populating an Excel template with the job information for multiple hires/rehires, which you can email to the Payroll Office to have a Payroll team member upload the employment data into the eForms WorkCenter. The batch upload process will create the Hire/Rehire records.

  • For student workers and temp staff jobs, the upload process will also submit the records to start the approval workflow routing – thereby eliminating the need for your to key the data into the Hire/Rehire records yourself.
  • For adjunct faculty records, the upload process will save the adjunct faculty records – giving you the opportunity to update the record with the appropriate attachments and submit the record yourself when it is ready for approvals.

Select one of the batch upload templates below.

For the Student Workers, note that the "All' template can be used for all types of Student Workers, regardless of how they are paid. The layout of the other three Student Worker templates are more specific to the type of job ('the 'TAs and RAs' templates are only for graduate students hired as Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants).

Hire Form Upload Template - Adjunct Faculty

Hire Form Upload Template - Student Workers - All

Hire Form Upload Template - Student Workers - Hourly Paid

Hire Form Upload Template - Student Workers - TAs and RAs - Biweekly

Hire Form Upload Template - Student Workers - TAs and RAs - Monthly

Hire Form Upload Template - Student Worker Temps

Hire Form Upload Template -Temporary Staff (not through Kelly Services)

Please note that each template has multiple tabs – some are for your data entry, and others provide you information. Please be sure to review the ‘How to Use’ tab before you begin populating the spreadsheet.

Electronic Extra Compensation Payment Authorizations

Submit extra compensation payment authorizations via electronic process available under Manager Self Service > Electronic Requests in my.SMU.edu.