Employee Job Information

An employee has one primary employment relationship with SMU at any given time. The employee's job type determines which Hire/Rehire Form is to be completed.

  • Adjunct Faculty:  Hired to provide instruction for a specific class or other temporary faculty duties; not eligible for SMU benefits.
  • Regular Faculty, Staff, and Post Doc:  Hired to provide ongoing services to SMU; eligible for SMU benefits.
  • Student Worker:  Hired to work for SMU while enrolled in credit-bearing classes at SMU; 'student' is the primary relationship with SMU.
  • Temporary Staff:  Hired to work for SMU for a specific period of time or project; not eligible for SMU benefits. Includes an SMU student who works for SMU during the summer while not enrolled in a credit-bearing class but who is expected to enroll for classes in the upcoming fall term.

The Hire/Rehire Form (formerly called "ePAF") documents the information necessary to establish or update an employee's job record. The Hire/Rehire Form should be completed once a department has received approval to hire (or rehire) an employee.

The job records of temporary staff (not hired through Kelly Services), adjunct faculty, and student workers are maintained by SMU's Payroll Office. Information to assist with determining a student's employee classification is available on HR's website here.

Please note that the job records of regular ("benefits-eligible") employees are maintained by the Department of Human Resources. Contact the Department of Human Resources for matters concerning regular faculty, staff, and Post Doc job records.

SMU uses an electronic format for all Hire/Rehire Forms for student workers, adjunct faculty, and temporary staff (not paid through Kelly Services). See "Electronic Pay Papers" link on the navigation bar to the right.