DART Paratransit Services

DART Paratransit Coupons Assistance

Eligible SMU students can use DART Paratransit Services, an origin-to-destination, curb-to-curb, public transportation service for people with disabilities. This service provides transportation for riders who are unable to use DART's fixed-rout buses or trains. SMU will provide eligible students who are currently enrolled for courses with coupons so they can use DART Paratransit Services at no charge.

Application Process for DART Paratransit Services

  • Complete the ADA Paratransit Certification Form and the Dart Physician Verification of Disability Form. Both Forms are available on the DART website.
  • Return the ADA Paratransit Certification and Verification of Disability Form to DART.
  • You can mail the completed forms to: DART Paratransit Services P.O. Box 660163 Dallas, TX 75266-7271
  • Fax the forms to: 214-828-6642
  • Or, you can email the forms to: paracert@dart.org
  • Schedule and complete an in-person Paratransit assessment with an Eligibility and Training Specialist at DART.

To Receive DART Paratransit Coupons

  • Once the applications process is completed, you will receive a letter from DART with your DART Paratransit ID and password.
  • Bring the eligibility letter or DART Paratransit ID card to the Parking and ID Card Services Office in suite 216 of the Hughes Trigg Student Center.
  • The SMU Parking Services Office will use the verification documents to issue you DART Paratransit coupons without charge.

Please contact the SMU Parking and ID Card Services Office at 214-768-7275 or parking@smu.edu for additional information or assistance.