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ID Card Services

We will not be taking ID photos in our office in an effort to support social distancing and help ensure the health of our community.  We are asking everyone to self-submit their ID photo on-line by logging in to the ID card self-service portal at   We will send an email once the ID card is ready and ask cardholders to schedule a pick up time in our office. Need to replace a card? Please submit a Helpdesk ticket or email us at    

Welcome to the ID Card Self Service Portal.  After logging into this portal, you will be able to upload a new ID photo, order new cards, report a card lost or stolen and request a new card to be printed and manage your Toll Tag. 


Manage My Card

  • Submit a photo (see requirements below) 
  • Report a card lost or found 
  • Manage your TollTag for parking and more!
  • Replace a card- please submit a Help Desk Ticket or Email us at

Manage My Meals / Flex

For more information on Meals or Flex, please visit

Want to Upgrade Your Meal Plan?

  1. Login to the SMU Help Desk.
  2. Create a ticket for the change.

Need more information? Contact SMU Dining 

Need help with your meal plan?

If you need to make a meal plan change request, please submit a Help Desk ticket at or