Campus Parking Permits

License Plate Recognition technology and Virtual Permits.

What is License Plate Recognition?

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology uses optical character recognition to automatically read license plate characters. SMU will be operating mobile LPR, which uses vehicle-mounted cameras to verify plates in all campus lots.

  • LPR will increase the accuracy of identifying unauthorized or unregistered vehicles parked on campus. This new technology automates the process and notifies parking staff of unauthorized vehicles.
  • The addition of LPR technology is the next phase in expanding the functionality and modernization of the parking database and gating system. LPR is expected to improve enforcement efficiency and further protect permit holder rights
  • License plate information is only used on campus for validating a drivers parking.
  • Vehicles must be parked so the license plate can be scanned on the drive lane. Head in to the space if you do not have a front license. 

How to update vehicle information?

Log on to your parking portal account at <a href=""></a> using the SMU Log In button with your SMU ID and password or if a Guest Account user log in to your guest account with the drivers license and password you set up.

  • Select "Vehicle" on the upper left.
  • Select add to add a new vehicle or update a plate. Remember no spaces or dashes and make sure the entry matches the plate.
  • Select View Permit and add the vehicle to your current permit.
  • If you are no longer using a vehicle. Select the vehicle to be changed and double-click on it. As long as no citations have occurred for this vehicle you can delete it. If a citation has been issued to that vehicle, please contact us via email at

Driving a different vehicle today? What to do if you have a rental or loaner vehicle.

Log on to your parking portal account at

  • Select "Permits" then "View Permits".
  • Locate your permit and double-click on it to open the permit manager.
  • Scroll down and you will see the option to link another vehicle to your permit. You can have up to 3 just not parked on campus at the same time.
  • Follow the prompts to add the vehicle. You can remove it when you are done using it.

About SMU Parking Permits

  • General Information regarding SMU Parking Permits. See below for specific information about types of permits.
  • A current parking permit must be properly displayed at all times when on campus or a Virtual Permit with the license plate of the vehicle used must be used otherwise your vehicle is at risk of being in violation.
  • Always park with te license plate on the "drive lane". Your license plate is scanned to validate your parking. 
  • SMU students can purchase academic year virtual parking permits online through Parking Portal Account.
  • Students visit Enrollment Service Website for all current parking fees. Additional Charges
  • SMU benefits eligible employees purchase a virtual permit online and register their vehicle at Parking Portal Account. A payment option for payroll deduction and agreement to payroll terms is also available online. Permits are auto-renewed each year in July unless the permit is returned and a stop deduction form completed.
  • SMU Temporary and Sponsored employees can purchase parking permits online on Parking Portal Account or at the Parking and ID Card Services Office. The Temporary permits are available by the day, month or academic year and should be printed and displayed on the dash of the vehicle. Parking is only available in the W4 lot on east campus with use of te SMU Express shuttles. The vehicle needs to be registered to the permit as well.
  • Temporary parking permits are available for visitors and guests at the Parking and ID Card Services Office between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F or via a contact-free option online by creating a guest account or use ParkMobile for a Binkley Parking Center visitor permit or Pay By Space location on campus.
  • Notes do not function as a permit and parking staff will not recognize notes inside or affixed to a parking vehicle. Contact the office if you have questions or need guidance.
  • Permits not from the SMU parking office will be cited.
  • Temporary permits tampered with or altered will be booted.
  • Rental or Loaner Vehicles - If you are driving a different vehicle or have a loaner car. Make sure you log into your parking account to update the vehicle information on your parking permit and remove it after use. Select "Permits" and your current permit scroll down to the "Add Vehicle" button and add the temporary vehicle to your permit. If you forget to do so you will be at risk for citation.

Ordering Parking Permits

To order a parking permit and register your vehicle, visit Parking Portal Account.

  • Student permit fees will be charged to your account, they are paid on SMUPay and are not paid on the Parking Portal Account
  • Student permit fees are based on the total number of credit hours of enrollment.
  • Opt-out of a Resident Parking Permit
  • To "opt-out" of a resident parking permit, you need to log on to your parking account as though you're ordering a parking permit.
  • Select "Order Permit" when you get to the permit selection screen. You will need to select the "opt-out" of permit option on the bottom of the list of permit options.
  • You must agree to the parking rules for the University and then complete the process just as you would if you were ordering a permit.
    The very last screen is the "order receipt" page. We recommend that you print and save this page for your records.

SMU Permit Types

Student Parking Permits

Student permits are purchased online and mailed using the attached link. Students must be registered for classes for more than 24 hours before logging in to order. Permit fees post to student accounts 24 to 48 hours after the permit is ordered and fees are paid on  

Student permits fees information is available on the Student Financial Services website under how to make a payment  Additional Charges 2023-2024 - SMU Enrollment Services 

Campus Resident Permits 24-RES

Student resident permits may park in resident areas in yellow only.
Permits are valid for the academic year and expire August 1st.

Proof of campus residency is required to order a resident permit.

Resident parking areas are marked yellow on the Student Parking Map to match the yellow color code of the virtual permit description.

Resident permits are not valid in Meadows Museum Parking Center, Binkley Parking Center, Daniel Parking Center, Moody Parking Center, or any other area not marked specifically for student residents.

Non-Resident Student Permits 24-STU

Commuter Student permits may park in orange parking areas only.

Permits are valid for the academic year and expire August 1st.

Commuter/Student parking areas are marked orange on the Parking Map to match the orange color code of the virtual permit description.

Commuter/Student parking permits are not valid past midnight in Meadows Museum Garage, Resident or Faculty/Staff areas.

Employee Permits

Assigned Employee Permits

Assigned employee permits may park in the blue parking area that corresponds with the letter on the parking permit description.
"E" plus lettered lots: C, F, H, I, J, L, M, P, Q, R, S, U2, W1-7.  

Permits are valid for the academic year and expire August 1st.

Numbering starts with "E" for employee, followed by the assignment lot letter "M" and the unique number.

Only employees who have been assigned to park in these lots may receive the corresponding permit with matching letter Virtual Permit for that location.
Assigned lots are reserved and subject to a waiting list. Eligible employees interested in assigned lot parking can sign up at My Parking Account. Once logged in select "Add/Edit Wait Lists" button on the lower right.

Adjunct Faculty Employee Permits

Adjunct permits are by purchased the semester and expire at the end of each semester.

Employee parking areas are indicated by signage posted at the entrances of each lot or within a parking garage.

Employee permits are also valid for parking in location as assigned.
Avoid parking in the following areas: Visitor parking levels of Binkley Parking Center and Student resident parking areas.
If your vehicle is in the shop or you are using a different vehicle please register the vehicle you will be using to your virtual permit for LPR. Failure to do so could result in a citation.

Other Types of Permits

Temporary Parking Permits

Online contact free options are available on our SMU Parking Portal at <a href=""></a>

Temporary Parking Permits for may be purchased from the Parking and ID Card Services Office between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30p.m., M-F. The permit is for the W4 lot on East Campus with free use of the SMU Express Blue route 442 

Temporary Parking Permits are $10.00/day.

Temporary Parking Permits are valid in the location referenced in the permit description in the system.

Loading/Unloading Permits

Additional permission to your existing permit serve as loading/unloading permits that will allow you to park closer to the building where you need to load or unload items for a short period of time. These permits are only available at the Parking and ID Card Services Office.

Once the vehicle is loaded/unloaded, the vehicle should be parked in a regular space and not remain in the loading area.

Please avoid parking in fire lanes, disabled spaces and "No Parking Zones".

Construction contractor worker vehicle parking is not currently available on campus.  Construction vehicles must avoid fire lanes, disabled spaces, reserved spaces and parking areas at all times. Car, or van pools or shared ride options should be considered. 

Temporary Accessible Parking for persons with disabilities

Accessible spaces on campus require a SMU parking permit and a state-issued disabled placard or plate or an SMU temporary disabled access parking permit.

Individuals with short-term accessible parking needs should contact their physician for a doctor's note.

The doctor's note can be emailed to or faxed to 214-768-7678 for completion and picked up in our office.

A short-term temporary accessible permit can be obtained from our office for a maximum of 6 weeks for on-campus use only. Permit is non-renewable.
Drivers with longer expected recovery periods should file with the state for the state disabled permit see attached information.


The City of University Park (UP) has established residential-only parking districts throughout the neighborhoods adjacent to the SMU campus.

• Street parking within established residential parking districts is
restricted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
• Only UP residents are allowed to park on city streets within
the established residential parking districts with a displayed
resident parking or guest permit issued by the city.
• Your vehicle is at risk for tow or citation if you park on
residential streets or at commercial establishments in areas
surrounding the SMU campus.