For students, navigating parking information and options can be overwhelming at times. Because SMU provides a variety of parking and transportation options, this section outlines student parking and ID card options and provides detail information about parking regulations that promote safety for the entire SMU community.

Student Parking


Located in the center of Dallas, the SMU campus is often congested, making commuting and parking a challenge. This section provides employees with the tools and resources necessary to move about campus as easily a possible.

Employee Parking


Welcome to SMU—We're glad to have you as a guest on our campus!

In addition to providing parking information to you for campus visits, we have information about the variety of parking and ID card services available to your student as they spend their time at SMU. 


Parking, Your Students, and You


We several options for our visitors to either purchase a temporary parking permit or use the park and pay machines located through campus.

Visitor Parking Information