Paying for Citations

We offer several ways for citiations to be paid. The citation must be paid within 15 calendar days from the issue date and failure to pay parking fines could

Students, faculty, or staff:

For students, failure to pay parking fines results in holds placed on the student account, which prevents registering for classes, receiving transcripts or participating in graduation ceremonies.

Campus visitors, Alumni, campus service providers and contractors:

  • Pay by mail using the envelope provided with the citation.
    Mailing address:
    PO Box 750412
    Dallas TX 75275
  • Pay in person at the Parking and ID Card Services Office.
  • Online payment can be submitted via credit card by setting up a "Guest Account" through the My Parking Account option under Parking Services on the Parking and ID Card Services website.


Unpaid citations over 60 days old are sent to collections If your citations have been sent to collections please contact:

Citation Collection Services
PO Box 80239
Indianapolis, IN 46280-0239

Use may aso use the automated payment line (866) 652-6920 or the website at