Booting and Towing

booted tire iconThe University assumes the right to immobilize vehicles that have not been identified (i.e., permitted) and are in excess of one citation. Using "SmartBoot" technology, we allow booted vehicles to be self-released by the drivers upon completed payment for the boot and any outstanding citations.

Boot Removal

Drivers may contact Paylock Help Center anytime, 24/7, at or 1.877.207.2134 for vehicles that have been immobilized or "booted." Removel of the boot can be handled in just minutes.

  • The boot device weighs 16 lbs. Contact the Paylock Help Center if you are unable to remove the boot without assistance.
  • Golf carts receiving a golf cart boot should contact 214-768-7275 during regular business hours.
  • Be advised that we do not accept returns of other organizations' boots, only those that SMU issues.


Costs associated with booted or towed vehicles are as follows:

  • Boot/Tow Fee: $105.00 to release vehicle + outstanding citations.
  • $25.00 per diem fee added for every day after the first 24 business hours the vehicle remains unclaimed.
  • Boots are to be returned to the Parking and ID card Services Office or designated drop off within 24 hours of release drivers will be charged 25.00 per day for non return. Lost or damaged boots will result in a $500.00 and will be charged to their form of payment for the boot release.
  • Boot return lockers are also available in Binkley Parking Center level 2 east elevator and Airline Parking Center level 1 by the elevator. Please text 214-225-1899 or email us at with your name/ID#, boot device# or violation reference# and locker number of locker boot is placed in to avoid late return fees if after hours.

Game Day Relocation Tows

Game Day Relocation Tows for game days are handled by the SMU Athletics Department. Please contact the SMU Athletics Department at 214-768-2866 or for any questions concerning parking information or assistance on game day.

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