Photo of Melinda Carlson, Dean of RLSH

Favorite SMU Tradition

Rotunda passage. I really appreciate the symbolism of the processional and the recessional as the beginning and end of a student’s undergraduate experience marking the beginning of their life as an alumni. The space in Dallas Hall, with the soaring ceilings and the circular levels of people “embracing” the students and graduates as the support from the University will remain constant through their lifetimes. Such a beautiful tradition.

Photo of Dr. K.C. Mmeje

Dr. K.C. Mmeje

Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Mindy Sutton, Associate VP and Dean of Students

Dr. Mindy Sutton

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Dr. Adam Cebulski

Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff

Rev. Lisa Garvin

Chaplain and Minister to the University
Dr. Crystal Clayton, Executive Director of Hegi Family Career Development Center

Dr. Crystal Clayton

Executive Director of the Hegi Family Career Development Center