Photo of Reverend Lisa Garvin

Favorite SMU Tradition

Since I’ve only been at SMU during COVID (so far), I feel like I haven’t experienced the best of SMU’s traditions. I’m looking very forward to athletics events next year and cheering on the Mustangs in all the athletic arenas on campus and beyond! I love being outside (especially) in the Fall and Spring, watching athletes compete and excel in what they’ve trained to do, and the sense of community when we are all cheering them towards victory.

Photo of Dr. K.C. Mmeje

Dr. K.C. Mmeje

Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Mindy Sutton, Associate VP and Dean of Students

Dr. Mindy Sutton

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Dr. Adam Cebulski

Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff

Ashley Wendler

Dean of RLSH ad Interim
Dr. Crystal Clayton, Executive Director of Hegi Family Career Development Center

Dr. Crystal Clayton

Executive Director of the Hegi Family Career Development Center