Groups and Projects

SMU Guildhall

AT&T Center for Virtualization

Center for Global Health Impact

  • Creating Low-cost Virtual Reality Training to Improve Care during Labor and Delivery.
  • Comparison of Traditional vs. Virtual Simulation-enhanced Training for Scaling the Cervical Cancer Surgery in Zambia:
Dating Violence Research Project. Car and fraternity house environments.

Family Research Center

  • My Voice My Choice
  • Assessing Adolescent antisocial peer pressure.
  • Dating violence prevention.

ADAPT (Acculturation, Diversity and Psychopathology Team) - Dr. Priscilla Lui

Dr. Candace Walkington's Lab includes:

Humin Game Lab - Dr. Corey Clark

STEM +C Project

Center for VR Learning Innovation

Perkins Immersive 360 Videos

Project GROW - Dr. Stephanie al Otaiba and Dr. Brenna Rivas

Faculty Working in This Cluster

Dedman College

Anthropology Department

Eric G. Bing

Economics Department

Klaus Desmet
Kathy Hayes
Omer Ozak

English Department

Emma Wilson

History Department

Jo Guldi

Math Department

Scott Norris

Philosophy Department

Robert Howell

Psychology Department

Austin Baldwin
Holly Bowen
Ernest Jouriles
Aki Kamata
Priscilla Lui
Renee McDonald
David Rosenfield

Statistical Science

Jing Cao
Dan Heitjan
Monnie McGee
Lynne Stokes

Dedman School of Law

Carla L. Reyes David O. Taylor

Lyle School of Engineering

Caruth Institute for Engineering Education

Rick Duschl

Computer Science Department

Corey Clark
Eric Larson
David Lin
Jia Zhang

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Barbara Minsker
Andrew Quicksall
Janille Smith-Colin
Jessie Zarazaga

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Suku Nair
Mitchell Thornton

Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity

Eva Csaky

Meadows School of the Arts

Painting, Drawing and Creative Computation

Ira Greenberg

Art History

Abbey Stockstill

Perkins School of Theology

Robert Hunt
Rebekah Miles

Simmons School of Education and Human Development

Applied Physiology and Sport Management Department

Eric G. Bing

Education Policy and Leadership Department

Aki Kamata
Leanne Ketterlin Geller

Teaching and Learning Department

Jill Allor
Stephanie al Otaiba
Tony Cuevas
Rick Duschl
Diane Gifford
Tim Jacobbe
Anthony Petrosino
Quentin Sedlacek
Candace Walkington
Paige Ware
Jeanna Wieselmann
Annie Garrison Wilhelm

SMU Guildhall

Corey Clark
Boris Fisher
Joowon Kim
Myque Ouellette
Mike Porter
Elizabeth Stringer
Steve Stringer

TEIL Cluster Search Committee

Eric Bing (Co-chair)
Simmons, APSM
Dedman College, Anthropology
Tony Cuevas (Co-chair)
Simmons Teaching & Learning
Stephanie Al Otaiba
Simmons Teaching & Learning
Corey Clark
Lyle Computer Science
SMU Guildhall
Ernest Jouriles
Dedman College, Psychology
Aki Kamata
Simmons, Ed Policy and Leadership,
Dedman College, Psychology
Eric Larson
Lyle Computer Science
Renee McDonald
Dedman College, Psychology
Suku Nair
Lyle Electrical and Computer Engineering
Anthony Petrosino
Simmons Teaching & Learning
Candace Walkington
Simmons Teaching & Learning