AT&T Center for Virtualization


Virtualization is the creation of devices and machines that have no real, physical existence apart from their existence created or simulated by software. Virtual devices taking advantage of the Cloud’s capacity to rapidly and reactively shift resources in space and time to deliver support “on demand” and “at scale” will reshape the future of computing and communication. New advances will dramatically transform critical sectors such as telecommunication, healthcare, business, education, energy, and transportation. However, significant technical challenges persist which must be addressed, including problems with security, performance, quality-of-service, interoperability, and scalability. As the technology in support of virtualization evolves and matures, research is required to forecast and optimize its utility and its social, economic, and ethical impact. In the new AT&T Center for Virtualization Technologies at SMU, researchers from across the University will conduct interdisciplinary research to address these technical, economic and social issues.