Research with real-world impact

Ranked among the top 11 private graduate schools in the nation and among the top 3 public and private schools in Texas

Simmons School faculty conduct innovative research and professional development projects designed to have real-world impact on teaching, education leadership, and applied physiology. The faculty have attracted more than $50 million in external funding over the past five years from external sources such as the U.S. Dept. of Education, National Science Foundation, Toyota Foundation, Gates Foundation, American Heart Association, King's College London, Nike, TFA, AERA, Spencer Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation. Whether collaborating on interdisciplinary research, identifying processes to improve literacy or STEM education, or developing VR or gaming instructional tools, Simmons faculty pursue evidence-based solutions that change lives.

Meet the Simmons School Distinguished Researchers

Technology-Enhanced Immersive Learning

TEIL research addresses big questions that have applications in the classroom and in society at large. This complex research involves immersive learning, artificial intelligence, and improvement-science design-based implementation, all of which involve interdisciplinary and innovative approaches.
Simmons Research

The Simmons School is ranked among the top 11 private graduate schools of education nationally and among the top 3 public & private schools in Texas.

Changing Minds

The SMU Simmons School is dedicated to the development of scholars and professionals in the fields of education, counseling, and applied physiology. The interdisciplinary and collaborative work performed in Simmons focuses on creating and disseminating evidence-based knowledge through rigorous scholarship and high-quality teaching grounded in multiple perspectives.

Dr. Eric  Bing presenting Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator