Austin Baldwin

Professor Department Chair



Office Location

Expressway Tower 1331





University of Minnesota, Ph.D.

Brigham Young University, B.S.

Dr. Baldwin’s research focuses on understanding the affective, cognitive, and motivational factors that influence individuals’ decisions to engage in and maintain health behaviors. In recent years, this work has focused largely in the domains of physical activity and vaccinations. Together with his students and collaborators, they conduct studies in both laboratory and field settings designed to address questions about (a) the bi-directional relations between health behaviors and related affective, cognitive, and motivational factors, (b) how to effectively target and test these factors in behavioral interventions, and (c) the conceptualization and measurement of health behavior constructs. In addressing both basic science questions about health behavior and working to develop and test effective interventions, Dr. Baldwin’s research has clear theoretical, clinical, and public health implications.

When not working, Dr. Baldwin enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing golf, following various professional and college sports, and discovering many of the great restaurants in Dallas.


Areas of Research Expertise:

Affective and cognitive experiences of exercise


Psychological factors of vaccination

Health behavior theory

Behavioral intervention development

Austin Baldwin