Road to R1

Research universities can prepare future professionals to tackle and create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The Carnegie Classification system attempts to classify and distinguish universities in terms of their research productivity, with “Research One” (R1) being the pinnacle of distinction.

What does it take to reach R1?

To reach our lofty, but achievable, research goals will require progress in each of the seven measures monitored by Carnegie. We have made tremendous progress in recent years, moving from the third tier or R3 designation to R2, and with concentrated effort and investment can reach the R1 level.

Seven Measures of the Carnegie Classification System

  1. Science & Engineering Research Expenditures
  2. Science & Engineering Research Staff
  3. PhDs Awarded in Science & Engineering
  4. PhDs Awarded in Social Sciences
  5. PhDs Awarded in Humanities
  6. Other Doctorates
  7. Non-Science and Engineering Research Expenditures