Networks and Servers

OIT provides a wide range of network and telecommunication services for the campus community. Support for these services or requests for additional connections, is provided by the IT Help Desk.

Wired Network Connections

Faculty and Staff offices are equipped with wired Ethernet connections. In most locations, network IP addresses are assigned automatically.

Wireless Network Connections

There are multiple wireless networks on campus. These wireless networks are centrally managed by OIT.

Residence Hall Network Connections

High speed wired connections are available in all of the rooms and study rooms. Computers or devices must be configured to obtain an IP address automatically.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN allow you to securely access specific resources that are restricted to the SMU Network. This includes library resources, network storage drives, many applications and all intranet websites.

Remote Desktop Connections

Remote Desktop connections allow you to connect to your office computer from another computer. Once the connection is established, you have access to all of the applications and files on your computer in addition to your local computer resources (printing, clipboard etc). Before Remote Desktop will work, your Office computer must be configured to allow remote connections. By default, this option is not enabled.

Departmental Telephones

Campus phones are provided in all buildings, offices, residence halls, and fraternities. Each is assigned a unique SMU phone number in addition to voicemail.

SMU Provided Cellular Phones

At this time, only a few select devices are provided by and paid for by the University.

CableTV services

Cable TV services are provided by Spectrum (formerly Charter). All arrangements for installations, repairs and billing are managed by OIT. Cable TV is also available in the residence halls. In order to utilize the cable connections, a TV must be equipped with a built in QAM digital tuner