Student working in class on their laptop.

Gradescope Assessment & Grading

Gradescope helps you seamlessly administer and grade all of your assessments, whether online or in-class. Save time grading and get a clear picture of how your students are doing.

Gradescope allows you to grade paper-based exams, quizzes, and homework. In addition, Gradescope enables you to grade programming assignments (graded automatically or manually) and lets you create online assignments that students can answer right on Gradescope inside Canvas. For paper assignments, Gradescope works well for many types of questions: paragraphs, proofs, diagrams, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, bubble sheets (similar to scantron), and more. Grades from Gradescope will be passed back to the Canvas Gradebook.

Get Started

Step 1: Logging in

To begin using Gradescope, just click the "Sign In" button (above). Use your SMU ID and password as your login. Navigate to your course and click “Gradescope” from the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 2: Sync your Roster

  1. From Gradescope, select Roster
  2. Click Sync SMU Roster and follow remaining instructions

Step 3: Build your assignment

From Canvas, create a new Assignment
  1. Choose External Tool for Assignment Type
  2. Select Gradescope from the list
    • Select between new Gradescope assignment and existing Gradescope assignment depending on whether or not you have created the assignment in Gradescope
  3. Click Link Assignment
In Gradescope, select the Assignment type (listed below)
  1. Give your assignment a name, fill in your settings, including:
    • Enable anonymous grading – hides the student name/identifying information from the grader
    • Who will Upload Submissions? – instructor or student
    • Create your Rubric – before submissions or while grading
  2. Click Create Assignment
  3. Once your assignment is saved in Canvas/Gradescope, view the assignment in Gradescope to finish setup.

Assignment Types :

Exam/Quiz Instructors administer an assessment then collect student work. Students answer each question in designated regions.


Homework/Problem Set Instructors specify an outline of the assignment and a window of time that students can submit their work. Students upload their work via their phone or computer.
Bubble Sheet Using the Gradescope Bubble Sheet Template instructors can mark the correct answers for each question ahead of time, and all student submissions will be automatically graded.
Programming Assignment Instructors can automatically grade student code with a written autograder and/or manually grade using the traditional Gradescope grading interface.
Online Assignment Instructors create questions directly on Gradescope. Students will be able to log in and submit responses within the Gradescope interface.