About Campus Phones

Campus phones are provided in all buildings, offices, residence halls, and fraternities. Each is assigned a unique SMU phone number in addition to voicemail. The phone lines are digital rather than analog. Therefore, special wiring must be requested for fax machines.

To request a new phone extension, voicemail setup, or for telephone maintenance, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Dialing Rules and Long Distance Codes

5 Digit dialing is available from on campus phones. This means that you only have to dial 8 and the 4 digit extension for an on campus number. For Plano extensions, dial 3 followed by the 4 digit extension. For any outside calls, you must first dial a 9 followed by the phone number.

While both local and long distance calling is provided by the University, long distance calling is only available to faculty and staff with the use of a long distance authorization code. This code is provided by request to an SMU employee. To use your long distance code, simply dial the phone number. You will hear a short beep. Enter your long distance code and the call with then be completed.


Unified Messaging (UM) is the campus voicemail service that automatically transcribes voicemail messages and sends the audio file, along with the voice-to-text transcription, directly to your SMU email inbox! UM is available for SMU faculty, staff, and departmental email accounts in conjunction with personal or departmental campus telephone extensions.

Telephone Introductory Training

Cellular Phones

At this time, only a few select devices are provided by and paid for by the University.

Securing your Data

OIT strongly encourages all faculty, staff and students to configure a pin number on your phones if your device is configured to retrieve your SMU email. Without a pin number, anyone could access your email account and all items contained within. This functionality is offered on all phones although the configuration instructions vary. OIT is currently testing a policy that will enforce this pin number for all faculty and staff phones. This feature is designed to protect University information.

Mobile Devices and Webmail

One of the features of Webmail, is the ability to control your mobile device from the email server. If your device was lost or stolen, you can simply login to -- click Options--- click Mobile Devices. All devices configured to work with your SMU Email account will be listed. You can then choose to erase the device completely from within webmail. Once the phone checks back into the server to retrieve messages, the erase command will be sent and all items will be completely removed from the phone.

In addition to the remote wipe command, you can also reset your PIN number if configured. If you hard reset your phone, you will need to delete the device from within Webmail before you will be able to successfully connect to retrieve your email.

International Travel

Before you travel overseas, be sure to add an international plan as well as manage your data settings. Click here for more details.

Audio Conference Bridge

Faculty and staff may request an audio conference ID with appropriate authorization from their supervisor. The conference bridge allows you to join up to 96 participants in a conference call. All charges are billed directly to the department on a per minute basis. To request a Conference ID, please complete the request form located at

Video Conferencing

There are several available options for video/audio conferencing services. These include the following:

  • Zoom: licenses available for training, webinars and small groups
  • Skype for Business: video conferencing and desktop sharing
  • Video Conferencing options with Polycom, Skype, etc.

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance securing a location for a video conference appointment.  The IT conference room is equipped with a polycom device, an HD Camera, Skype, Lync and other video/audio conferencing tools.  We will be happy to arrange an appointment in the conference room if needed.

Cable TV

Cable TV services are provided by Spectrum (formerly Charter). However, all arrangements for installations, repairs and billing are managed by IT. To request a cable installation, contact the IT Help Desk.

Cable TV is available in the residence halls. More details regarding contracts are provided by Student Housing.

Please note: in order to utilize the cable connections, a TV must be equipped with a built in QAM digital tuner.

For channel listings, click here.


If you are having difficulty connecting, rescan for the latest channels.  Most TVs have a "Channel Search" or "Auto Program" function.  That should launch the scan for the channels available at SMU. Make sure the scan feature is set to scan for "Cable" or "Digital" channels instead of "Air" or "Analog." Consult your TV's manual for details.

  1. Go into the TV Menu and select Set Up
  2. Look for an option similar to "Channel Search" or "Auto Program" and select it
  3. Once the search is complete, there will be approximately 60 channels available for viewing.


Analog phone lines may be installed and configured by request to support fax machines for faculty and staff. IT provides support for the phone lines and general setup of the fax machines. IT does not offer repair services for fax machines.

To request the configuration and installation of a fax machine, click here