Academic Technology Service Staff

Members of the Team

Christina Churchill, Ph.D.
Cox School of Business | 214.768.2074

Jennifer Culver, Ph.D.
Simmons School of Education and Human Development | 214.768.4864

Toni Nolen, M.L.S.
Head of Systems,
SMU Libraries | 214.768.3666

James H. Pan
Perkins School of Theology & Dedman School of Law | 214.768.1820

Levi T. Sterling, M.Ed.
The Guildhall at SMU | 214.768.5131

Mousumi Tanha
Meadows School of Arts | 214.768.2548

Faye Walter
Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences | 214.768.1141

Merlin Wilkerson
Lyle School of Engineering | 214.768.8649

Academic Technology Services & Support

  • Provide primary support and consultation for Canvas, Zoom, Qualtrics and other campus eLearning systems and tools
  • Assist with basic instructional design and online course-building
  • Consult on the integration and application of technology toward realizing instructional and research objectives
  • Support discipline-specific technology solutions 
  • Lead small to large-scale technology projects, initiatives and pilot programs
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff and leadership to develop annual, unit-specific technology strategies
  • Survey students and faculty annually to understand and meet technology needs
  • Ensure that SMU IT services are well-aligned with academic objectives and outcomes
  • Inspire and innovate with imaginative and future-forward technology solutions which stimulate teaching and research opportunities

Members of the Team

Cassidy Porter
Course Management & eLearning Systems Manager | 214.768.4382

Jennifer Mayes
Instructional Systems Specialist | 214.768.5286

Meet the Team

Eric Godat, Ph.D.
Research & Data Science Applications Developer (Team Lead) | 214.768.4599

Robert Kalescky, Ph.D.
HPC Applications Scientist, Center for Scientific Computation (CSC) | 214.768.3070

John LaGrone, Ph.D.
HPC Applications Scientist, Center for Scientific Computation (CSC) | 214.768.2000

Guillermo G. Vasquez
Internet of Things (IoT) Applications Developer | 214.768.2853

Meet the Team

Shaunte Allen
Online Learning Experience/Instructional Designer | 214.768.1203

Jennifer Culver, Ph.D.
Online Production Services Manager | 214.768.4864

Jennifer Jordan
Online Multimedia Developer | 214.768.2450

Corey Moran
Online Multimedia Developer | 214.768.2969

Prerna Munoth, M.Ed.
Online Production Services Manager | 214.768.5171

Laura Ohlson
Online Multimedia Developer | 214.768.3029