Message from President Turner on Violence at Capitol

Dear SMU Community,

The violence and disruption at the U.S. Capitol yesterday were deplorable, as is any attempt to erode the rule of law, our founding principles of freedom, and the institutions and symbols of our great nation. As we have stated on many occasions, a higher learning institution such as SMU plays a distinctive role in providing a home for the productive exchange of opinions and ideas. 

As president of a university whose core values are excellence, integrity, intellectual freedom, open dialogue, diversity and inclusion, I call upon our entire SMU community, and all Americans – regardless of political beliefs – to recommit to the rule of law under our Constitution. The new year and new national leadership afford us an opportunity to pivot, reach out to one another, refocus on our common goals and reaffirm our commitment to “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


R. Gerald Turner
SMU President