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SMU students launch fashion magazine

What it takes to bring a fashion magazine to life


The following is from the Nov. 17, 2016, edition of The Daily Campus.

November 22, 2016

By Lisa Salinas

Fashion. Culture. Style. These are subjects two new magazines are covering in town.

The first is PaperCity, a fashion publication that began as a newspaper in Dallas in 1998, but has since reinvented itself as a magazine. PaperCity’s first glossy edition was on stands in the Dallas area earlier this year.

Southern Methodist University students are debuting a fashion magazine of their own as well. SMU LOOK will hit stands on Nov. 17.

Both publications took a lot of time and effort to create. They share many similarities, including lots of glossy photos and a common goal: to entice readers and continue to grow. …

Camille Kraeplin, journalism professor at SMU, took on the project of bringing SMU LOOK to life.

Kraeplin brought fashion media experts from the Dallas area to campus last summer, including Christina Geyer, in order to get the ball rolling.

“I brought in five people who know a lot about fashion media,” Kraeplin said. “The Redmans — Dallas based photographers to talk about photography, Christina Geyer— to talk about editorial, Tracy Hayes — who was the editor of the DMN fashion section, among more.”

Kraeplin had full confidence that these fashion experts would pass on beneficial knowledge to the students in her fall 2016 fashion journalism class.

“These people are like a brain trust for fashion media,” Kraeplin said. “The knowledge that all those guys imparted was just phenomenal.”

Following the meeting with fashion experts, Kraeplin and her students began working on the magazine to define its vision.

“We needed to think about what kind of magazine we wanted to be,” Kraeplin said. “We also decided who was going to do what.”

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