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Why SMU may have the best college football tailgating and mascot in the state


The following is from a current edition of The Dallas Morning News.

May 24, 2016

By EJ Holland
Special Contributor

SMU may not have the best team in the state, but the Mustangs certainly have one of the most unique traditions in all of college football.

BouklevardAfter all, SMU fans don't tailgate... they boulevard!

So what's the difference?

Well, SMU fans actually set up tents, barbecue and basically have an awesome time enjoying alcoholic beverages. If you've never been on the Hilltop, Bishop Boulevard is located in the heart of campus and is absolutely stunning.

Along with fans' tents, the boulevard is also lined up with vendors, big inflatable helmets and regional bands performing live music. It's truly remarkable and something every college football fan needs to experience at least once.

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