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Weather Precautions

October 23, 2015

Heavy rains and the threat of flash flooding continue to affect our SMU campuses and areas throughout North Texas. As more rain is predicted throughout the weekend, and some buildings already have experienced flooding, please heed "Wet floor" and "Do Not Enter" signs and use alternative entrances.

Please take extra care as you walk or drive on campus.

Extra precautions also should be taken to protect critical documents, equipment and data in SMU buildings. This includes computers and all other electronic equipment (you may want to cover these with a plastic garbage bag) or any items located in lower-level areas that could be flooded; raise these items from the floor and move them to a higher, protected location.

SMU's Facilities Services team is prioritizing responses to reports of water leaks and requests patience as they respond. Please report leaks, drainage problems, electrical outages and flooding to the Service Reponses Center at 214-768-3494, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


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