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2015 Archives

Make your holidays merrier and brighter . . .

. . . with observations and advice from SMU experts

December 23, 2015

Christmas, the season of comfort, kindness and joy. Following are some tidbits and suggestions for making the season a little merrier and brighter.

Oldest Christmas Card World’s Oldest Mass-Produced Christmas Card
What is believed to be one of the first mass-produced Christmas cards — dating back more than 160 years — can be found among the extensive special collections of Bridwell Library at Southern Methodist University's Perkins School of Theology.
wrapped Christmas present
The Wrapping Matters
A now-classic study by SMU marketing professor Daniel Howard holds that giving a gift that has been lovingly wrapped does influence the recipient to value it more.
Kids at Christmas
Nagging Children and "Must-Have" Gifts
Children will be working overtime this season to seal the deal on this year’s “must-have” holiday gifts. SMU Marketing Professor Rick Briesch, a father of four, offers 10 tips for parents.
Sarah Feuerbacher
Avoiding Stress from Others
Here are a few tips to help you cope with your family, friends and others, and actually enjoy the sights, sounds, and yes, even travel of the holidays, from Sarah Feuerbacher, director of SMU's Center for Family Counseling.

tamales Eating Tamales at Christmas
Texans have an insatiable taste for tamales during the Christmas season. The little bundles of meat and masa have long been a traditional holiday indulgence.
Hal Barkley
Coping with Yourself
Hal Barkley, Director of Counseling in SMU's Simmons School, says not to panic during the holidays — you can survive this. Be good to yourself. He offers 10 tips for staying calm(er).
Angela Mitakidis
Keeping Peace in the Family
Angela Mitakidis has helped people resolve conflicts all over the world. She finds the techniques she uses to resolve international disputes are just as effective around the holiday dining table.
holiday job hunt
Job Hunting During the Holidays
The holiday season is no reason for job seekers to lose their momentum. Here are five tips from SMU’s Hegi Family Career Development Center to make the most of the holidays and ring in the new year with a new job.

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