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April is National Poetry Month

SMU's Greg Brownderville talks about his poetry and folk tales with NPR

April 2, 2015

April is National Poetry Month, and NPR's Arts & Letters talked to Greg Brownderville, a poet and assistant professor of English at SMU. 

From Arts & Letters

By J. Bradley Minnick

On this (April 1, 2015) episode of Arts & Letters, we sit down with poet and folklorist Greg Brownderville, who hails from Pumpkin Bend, Arkansas. He is the author of Deep Down in the Delta: Folktales and Poems (Butler Center Books, 2011) and Gust (Northwestern University/TriQuarterly, 2011).

A deep felt sense of place persists throughout much of his work, which incorporates the images, stories, songs and landscape of the Arkansas Delta where he grew up.

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Greg Brownderville: How to Become A Better Poet

On Valentine's Day 2014, Brownderville was interviewed about poetry writing. Here is that interview: