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SMU Environmental Society makes being 'green' look easy – and fun


The following is from the March 2, 2015, edition of The Green Source DFW.

March 5, 2015

By Rita Cook

SMU Environmental SocietyEnvironmental awareness is growing across local campuses and for over a decade, Southern Methodist University in Dallas has had its own student organization broadcasting the green message.

The SMU Environmental Society is a student-run organization that educates students about ways to live an environmentally sustainable life while having a good time and building friendships.

Organization president Wendy Alyea says that the group began in 1999 and attracts a variety of students who want to promote environmental initiatives on and near campus.

“We have a lot of environmental majors like earth sciences, environmental engineering, environmental law, but the club is open to everyone,” Alyea says. “Those that do not go into an environmental field of work later on continue to participate in environmental acts like gardening and Earth Day Dallas.”

The group aims to connect students to the Dallas community and surrounding areas through events like group hikes, gardening and community service. They even offer a free shuttle to White Rock Local Market, which is funded by one of the SMU members.

“We have 'Hippy Hikes' at least once a semester [where] we pick a forest and help improve the area by picking up trash, weeding, clearing debris and then have lunch,” says Alyea.

Recently the group also went to Trinity River Audubon Center and worked in the butterfly garden and participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. Last year they were at the Great Trinity Forest picking up trash with Groundwork Dallas.

Barefoot on the Boulevard is our big environmental festival in April hosting performers, SMU environmental clubs and local environmental vendors,” says Alyea. “We have education games at the booths along with free food and shirts for the SMU and surrounding community. And we are starting monthly documentary screenings on the boulevard, and this month is the Story of Stuff.

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