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SMU scientists to study 5-year-old's rare dinosaur find in Mansfield


The following are from the April 7, 2015, editions of The Dallas Morning News, CBS 11 News, CW 33 News and NBC 5 News.

Dinosaur fossil found in Mansfield

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April 8, 2015

From The Dallas Morning News

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You won’t find many little boys who aren’t obsessed with dinosaurs.

Before now, you probably wouldn’t find any who could claim to have discovered one.

On Tuesday, SMU scientists helped a Dallas zookeeper and his 5-year-old son excavate a fossil they found last fall behind a Mansfield shopping center.

Tim Brys, who works at the Dallas Zoo, found the 100 million-year-old fossil with his son Wylie on a patch of land behind a grocery store at Matlock Road and Debbie Lane. At the time, the zookeeper didn’t know what his boy had found.

“My dad told me it was a turtle,” Wylie said Tuesday at the site of his discovery. “But now he’s telling me it’s a dinosaur.”

After the initial find, Brys kept digging to see what else they could find, knowing there was a chance to find some remnants of marine life in the area, which was underwater during the Jurassic period.

“He walked up ahead of me and found a piece of bone,” Brys said. “It was a pretty good size and I knew I had something interesting.”

The fossilized bones could belong to a nodosaur, a rare find of a land-dwelling dinosaur in Texas. Dale Winkler, a professor of paleontology at SMU, described the pony-sized nodosaur as “armored beach balls that floated out to sea.”

“Quite rare to find a dinosaur in this area,” said Michael Polcyn, Winkler’s colleague at SMU.

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