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SMU’s Umphrey Lee Center closed for sewer line repairs

August 26, 2015

SMU’s Umphrey Lee Center will remain closed Wednesday evening and overnight due to the need for sewer line repairs.  SMU anticipates that the building will be open for regularly scheduled classes Thursday but will update students, faculty and staff with confirmed information at 6 a.m. Thursday via SMU email and social media.

Virginia-Snider Commons also is affected by the repairs and is closed overnight.  Alternative housing arrangements are being made and Virginia-Snider residents will receive updates by email. Students with questions should contact their RA or RCD.

Lee Dining in Umphrey Lee Center will remain closed for dinner Wednesday night and breakfast Thursday.  However, other dining locations, including Arnold Commons and Mac’s Place, are operating on normal schedules for dinner tonight and breakfast Thursday. Watch @SMU and email for further updates.

For parents with questions or concerns, please contact Deanie Kepler, director of Parent & Family Programs, tonight at gkepler@smu.edu or during regular business hours at 214-768-4797.

SMU regrets any inconvenience.