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Cowboys use drones at practice

Got idea watching SMU use the drones to record practices


The following is from the May 11, 2015, edition of bloggingtheboys.com.

May 13, 2015

Using film to evaluate your team is nothing new in football. Heck, my son's 6-year-old team used to put a parent on top of the press box during practice and games in an attempt to gain an advantage. 

Recently, some college and high school teams have taken things a bit further than just end-zone shots and all-22 footage, they are now using unmanned aerial vehicles, known as UAV's, or more popularly as drones, to film their practices. 

After watching SMU use the drones to record their practices, the Dallas Cowboys have opted to experiment with the latest in filming technology. Piloted by SMU staffers, the Cowboys used drones during their recent rookie mini-camp.

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