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Wasting time in America

November 24, 2015

Alexis McCrossen
Alexis McCrossen

SMU's Alexis McCrossen, a professor of U.S. social and cultural history, recently talked with "Top of Mind" host Julie Rose on BYUradio about time, including how we spend our leisure hours and how it influences our perception of others.

From the show: "Our relationship to time in America is complicated. It’s immensely valuable to us – 'time is money,' right? So we punish people by forcing them to spend time locked up. And we brag about how many hours we work and scoff at the Europeans who put in only 35 hours a week.  Yet, we also spend massive amounts of money and time on leisure activities."

Listen to the interview. audio icon

McCrossen is the author of Marking Modern Times: Clocks, Watches and Other Timekeepers in American Life.


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