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Stan Horwood donates $1m for theological education


The following is from the Oct. 24, 2014, edition of The United Methodist Reporter.

October 28, 2014

By Marcie Smeck

Lifelong United Methodist, Stan Horwood made a $1 million gift to theological education in memory of his wife, Elizabeth. Horwood has designated the gift for theological students from the Rio Texas Conference who attend Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University or Asbury Theological Seminary.

Horwood, son of a United Methodist pastor, said, “I fell in love with United Methodist education, first as an undergraduate student at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, and later at Perkins.” Circumstances caused Stan to drop out of Perkins after studying for a year and a half, and he then moved to Sterling City to be a part of the Elizabeth’s family’s ranching business.

“With deep gratitude, we announce this very significant gift to theological education. Stan and Elizabeth have been pillars, not only at First United Methodist Church in Sterling City but also in the district and their entire annual conference,” said Bishop James Dorff, resident bishop of the Rio Texas Annual Conference.

“I want to thank them on behalf of all the students in this annual conference who will benefit from their generosity,” Dorff continued. “Stan not only gave a very generous gift, but he took the opportunity to help send a message to others that theological education and training of leaders is so important to the church.”

The gift is split, $500,000 to the scholarship endowment at each school. Income from the endowments will provide scholarships to students from the Rio Texas Conference who are called to ministry and seek theological education. Horwood has asked that students be selected by each school’s scholarship committee based on need and demonstrated academic ability.

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