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Residential Commons: Getting the inside scoop

February 19, 2014

SMU is reshaping the campus residence experience through the Residential Commons. To get the inside story on what's happening, read the blogs by the FIRs (Faculty in Residence) and the Residential Commons Leadership Corps:

Student RC Leadership Corps
Residential Commons Leadership Corps
From Meaghan: There are a lot of ways a community can be diverse. Besides those more commonly referred to – race, ethnicity, major, hometown – there’s also talent, sexual identity, sexual orientation, music genre preference, favorite movie, favorite subject in school….well, you get the picture. >>>
Faculty in Residence
Residential Commons Faculty in Residence
From Ann Batenburg: Whenever I tell someone about what I am doing here in the residence hall, the first question they ask is, “What’s it like living with students?” As if the average undergraduate is a life form from another planet. After about two and a half months now, I have an answer worth sharing >>>