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Residential Commons: Getting the inside scoop

May 9, 2014

SMU is reshaping the campus residence experience through the Residential Commons. To get the inside story on what's happening, read the blogs by the FIRs (Faculty in Residence) and the Residential Commons Leadership Corps:

Student RC Leadership Corps
Residential Commons bloggers
From Meaghan: It’s a pretty big buzzword on campus these days. But how does it relate to the Residential Commons? I’ve talked before about how the Residential Commons will bring diversity to students, but not a whole lot about what we, as a diverse population, can bring to SMU. We as students come from all walks of life, with all different backgrounds, and we have the amazing opportunity to share our stories with our fellow residents. A Residential Commons is a mini-SMU, a small example of the wide range of diversity on this campus.  >>>
Faculty in Residence
Residential Commons bloggers
From Dr. Mark Kerins: Big news this week is that we now have a full complement of four Faculty Affiliates (FAs) on board for the fall, which was the last piece of our team to come together. I’m really pumped about the people we have: not only are they great faculty whom I think our students will love having involved with MoMac, but they come from disciplines all across the university, so hopefully all our residents can find some common interests with at least one of them. >>>