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SMU students collaborate with AT&T for Hack-A-Pitch event

Catching Up With A Fast-moving Innovator

From SMU Magazine:

Brooks McCorcleAT&T executive Brooks McCorcle ’82 specializes in “breaking glass,” and in the spring, she invited a group from SMU to join her.

“‘Breaking glass’ is looking at new and different ways to do things,” says McCorcle, president of Emerging Business Markets, a startup within AT&T that is responsible for identifying and rapidly launching innovative solutions to drive value and growth in AT&T Business Solutions. . . 

The unbounded intellectual workout that McCorcle facilitated is the type of activity she would have relished as an SMU student. She earned a B.B.A. in the Cox School of Business and explored other interests through minors in economics and women’s studies in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences.

McCorcle honed leadership skills through various roles with student organizations. A member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, she served as Panhellenic rush chair. As a member of the Program Council, she welcomed such luminaries as actor Vincent Price to the Hilltop. She also participated on the student judiciary committee.

For her contributions to the SMU community, she received the “M” Award, the University’s highest commendation for students, faculty, staff and administrators.

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July 28, 2014

In March, SMU students met with AT&T Emerging Business Markets co-located at the AT&T Foundry®  innovation center for a collegiate “Hack-A-Pitch” event. The collaborative exercise led by SMU alumna Brooks McCorcle ’82, president of AT&T’s Emerging Business Markets, provided students from a variety of campus organizations with an opportunity to discuss student life enhancement ideas while gaining real-world business experience. 

During the half-day event, staff, students and alumni were divided into small groups for brainstorming sessions on enhancing recruitment, campus life, residence hall life, job recruiting and alumni engagement. Presentations of the ideas were then made to the larger event group and AT&T and SMU executives.

The collaboration ultimately produced 30 ideas that are being considered for implementation across the SMU community.