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SMU Cox dean says the economic outlook for 2015 is good

Albert Niemi
Albert W. Niemi

December 11, 2014

Professor Albert W. Niemi, dean of SMU's Cox School of Business, said during a radio interview Dec. 10 that the economic outlook for 2015 is good.

"2015 is the first time since this recovery started in the summer of 2009 that I have real growth getting above 3 percent, Niemi told KRLD's David Johnson, host of CEO Spotlight. "My real GDP number it 3.1 percent and we've averaged since the recover started in July 2009, the average rate of growth is 2.4. So this is a nice positive move upward."

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Niemi, an economic growth expert who holds the Tolleson Chair in Business Leadership, had talked about next year's outlook earlier in the day at his annual Dean’s Annual Economic Forecast Breakfast & Panel Discussion.

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