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Football and medicine meet in American Samoa

SMU Coach June Jones leads former NFL stars on 6th annual Goodwill Mission


The following story was posted by Radio New Zealand International on June 19, 2013.

June 19, 2013

More than 30 physicians and nurses, coaches and former NFL players are in American Samoa for the June Jones Sixth Annual Goodwill Mission.

Joining the group are several former NFL players including San Francisco 49er Jesse Sapolu and Denver Broncos defensive end Maa Tanuvasa.

Sapolu says they’re focusing more on the medical mission this year.

“We know the importance of longevity. We’re a lot heavier towards the medical part of our mission on this trip and the thing we appreciate about Coach Jones is the consistency to show up every year and help the people of Samoa. Because of his relationship with some of the Samoan players that play[ed] for him at the University of Hawaii it allowed him to develop some of the relationships with people here who consider him as family so we’re very happy about that.”

The Goodwill Mission held a coaches clinic and a football camp for high school players over the weekend.


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