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SMU provides expertise for TV coverage
of the JFK assassination anniversary

November 25, 2013

Television coverage of the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy included interviews with SMU faculty and students, as well as archival materials from SMU libraries. Watch samples of the coverage below. Also see print and online coverage. And read the blog by students in a class on JFK and his era.

WB33 News:
Class puts JFK and the 1960s in context.
  NBC News:
Prof. Payne talks about covering the assassination.
CCTV (China)
Anniversary coverage includes interviewing SMU students.
  Al Jazeera:
Prof. Payne describes learning of the film.
WFAA News:
Two historians look at what if JFK had lived.
  NBC News:
Prof. Payne describes Dallas as "toxic."
Darwin Payne
CBS 11 News:
A panel discussion examines the Warren Report.
  Telemundo - Las Vegas:
SMU's Rick Halperin talks about the anniversary.
Rick Halperin of SMU interviewed by Telemundo about JFK
KENS News:
How would today's just system handled Oswald?
  NBC News:
Prof. Payne and Tom Brokaw on the assassination.
Darwin Payne
WB33 News:
Letters sent to the Dallas mayor reflect the times.





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