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Engaged Learning Week: Jan. 23 - 25

Engaged Learning Week: Jan. 23 - 25

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, Jan. 23
4 p.m.
Hughes-Trigg Forum

Carl DorvilSpeaker: Carl Dorvil, CEO of Group Excellence, started the company in 2004 out of his dorm room at SMU. He began hiring bright, highly motivated college students and young professionals to tutor and mentor students in public schools. Now it is a 500-person operation.

Wednesday, Jan. 23
5 p.m.

Kick-off: How will you make your mark? Join us, cookies, drinks, t-shirts.

Thursday, Jan. 24
 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
 Hughes-Trigg Forum

Student presentations of their projects (See the schedule). Each student has 5-7 minutes to present and there will be time for questions.

Friday, Jan. 25
Clements Hall
Lower Level

11 a.m. STUDENTS: How to Write a Successful Engaged Learning Proposal Workshop

12 p.m. Buffet Luncheon catered by Bucca di Beppo

1 p.m. FACULTY: Best Mentoring Practices

2 p.m. ENGAGED LEARNING: A Roundtable Discussion

January 18, 2013

SMU's Engaged Learning project will host a series of events Jan. 23-25 to help students learn more about how they can become involved, from undergraduate research to community service.

One of the highlights of the week will be students' presentations of their projects on Thursday, January 24, in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Forum.

Engaged Learning T-ShirtSMU recognizes that students who actively engage in research, service, internships and other creative, entrepreneurial activities related to their studies have enhanced academic experiences.

Engaged Learning challenges students to learn beyond the classroom, to take an active role in their education by bringing their disciplinary training and intellectual capital to bear on real-world issues in real-world settings. Students may realize their own project ideas or participate in engaged learning activating offered by various departments, offices and programs throughout the University.

Students have the opportunity to propose their independent learning activities as engaged learning projects which are supported by a grants program and noted on student transcripts as SMU’s most prestigious undergraduate engagement program. An Engaged Learning project can take any form as long as it is capstone-level, student-driven, linked to the students education but beyond regular classroom work.

Projects typically span two academic years. Students apply during the annual application cycle: November 15–February 15, work on their projects through the summer and fall, present their findings at the Engaged Learning Forum held in the semester of graduation, and turn in project reports, suitable for publication, April 15 for May graduates or November 30 for December graduates.

The Office of Engaged Learning provides structure and guidance throughout. For more information, see