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Political Expert Says Cruz Faux-Filibuster Will Only Strengthen His Conservative Core


The following ran on the Sept. 25, 2013, edition of Texas Public Radio. Political scientist Cal Jillson provided expertise for this story.

September 30, 2013

By Ryan Poppe

Many political experts are calling U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz' prolonged speech a "faux-filibuster" because it doesn’t prevent anything from happening.
Southern Methodist University Professor Cal Jillson said that while this move appeals to the conservative tea party base, it alienates Cruz from a large majority of Republicans who are more moderate.
"Right now he’s trying to solidify his standing with the tea party element of the Republican electorate figuring if he can do that later on he can win back the moderate Republicans and Independents, but there is a danger that he will simply make himself look silly and therefore not be able to win back the confidence of voters," Jillson said....


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