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Will Ferrell: He's kind of a big deal


The following is from the March 8, 2012, edition of The Daily Campus.

Will Ferrell visits SMU

March 9, 2012

By Spencer J Eggers

Actor and comedian Will Ferrell visited SMU Wednesday evening to answer a few questions posed by SMU students directly after a screening of his new film, "Casa de mi Padre" in the Hughes- Trigg Theater.
The event was put on by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the College Hispanic American Students (CHAS) in conjunction with Pantelion Films.
Students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to view the new Spanish-language film before its release on March 16.
Only two schools, SMU and U.C. Berkley, were granted the opportunity to screen the movie, and of those two, SMU was the only school to receive a visit from Ferrell himself.
Ferrell addressed a full house after the screening ended, discussing a variety of topics ranging from body piercings (or the lack thereof) to the possibility of a "Step Brothers" sequel.

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