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Rape victim tells her story to give a voice to other victims


The following story ran in the June 9, 2012, edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

June 15, 2012

By Alex Branch

Christi Cameron walked purposefully toward the lectern and faced the silent audience.

She said good morning, and then took a long moment to compose herself.

She was, in her own words, a nervous wreck.

Cameron had told the story she was about to share many times in one-on-one settings. But until last week at the Women's Center of Tarrant County, she had never spoken publicly to a large group about the night a stranger beat and raped her.

The Stephenville native and Southern Methodist University graduate was there to help promote a new legal phone line for rape victims. She also volunteers for the center to comfort victims at the hospital, answer their questions or just hold their hand while they cry.

She wanted to speak about her own experience to give a voice to women who suffered the same.

Dignitaries and media members were in the crowd. At the back of the room, the center's crisis counselors sat in chairs lined against the wall. They see shattered lives every day. They knew how hard this was.

Cameron took a breath and began to speak....

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