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SMU's Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom secures LEED certification


The following story appeared on the April 3, 2012, edition of World Interior Design Network online.

April 16, 2012

The facility, situated on the third storey of the Umphrey Lee Centre, imbibes several green features. It includes a high-performance heating and air conditioning system. It has also been equipped with energy-saving windows which offer maximum daylight penetration, thereby reaping energy cost cuts. The ballroom is expected to reap energy savings of 20.04% over a conventional building by employing several energy-efficient measures.

The facility also reduces water consumption with installation of ultra-low flow and waterless fixtures. These measures cut down potable water usage by about 25% compared to a traditional bathroom. Use of zero-VOC paint, rugs, and wall coverings further contributes to its sustainability. Other green features of the ballroom include purchasing of over 20% of the materials from within 500 miles of the building site, and use of sustainably-sourced fabricated wood devoid of urea-formaldehyde.