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Deion Sanders divorce drama: Conflict of interest?


The following story ran on the April 26, 2012, edition of WFAA-TV. Law Professor Jessica Weaver provided expertise for this story.

May 7, 2012

By Steve Stoller

McKINNEY - There’s new drama between the major players in the Sanders divorce saga: Deion, his wife, Pilar, and the Prosper Police Department.
The McKinney law firm representing the Town of Prosper also represents Deion Sanders in a slander suit brought against him by his wife.
Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd and Joplin has a contract to provide legal services to the town. In a letter, that firm told Pilar Sanders' lawyer the town would not release police reports he requested.
According to Collin County court records, Larry Boyd, an attorney who works for that law firm, is representing Deion Sanders and his daughter, Deiondra, in a defamation suit filed by his wife, Pilar.
One case is civil, the other criminal.
But, is there a conflict of interest?
"Where there's a reasonable appearance that their duty of loyalty, their duty of confidentiality, would be adversely limited by representation, they cannot go forward with that representation," said SMU Law Professor Jessica Weaver, who specializes in ethics....