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Head of Dallas' CityDesign Studio takes his shelter after the storm to SMU for the second Engineering & Humanity Week


The following story ran on the April 10, 2012, edition of Dallas Morning News City Hall blog. Engineering and Humanity Week is hosted by the Hunt Institute at SMU's Lyle School of Engineering.

April 17, 2012

By Robert Wilonsky

When Brent Brown's not running the CityDesign Studio at Dallas City Hall, he's heading up bcWORKSHOP in Deep Ellum -- the "bc" standing for "building community." Or rebuilding, more accurately, when you think about Brown and his group's work on Congo Street near Fair Park and Dolphin Heights and Cliff Temple Baptist Church and ...

To bcWORKSHOP's myriad projects, though, add one more: Rapido. Which is ...?

Well, the image above and video posted below should give you some idea -- some. I just found it on Vimeo, where there's a link to this page offering further explanation. But long story short: It's meant to provide temporary shelter after a storm.

At this very moment, Brown and the bcCORPS are on the SMU campus actually building the shelter -- for the very first time. It will make up the so-called Living Village being assembled yet again for the second Engineering & Humanity Week, an initiative of the Hunt Institute at the SMU Lyle School of Engineering that will take place on the Hilltop April 15-20. The Rapido Shelter is actually one of 11 such temporary homes being built for the event. Also among them will be Harvey Lacey's Ubuntu Blox, which the Wylie inventor fabricated out of discarded plastic packed into square blocks and has been building in Haiti; the iHouse , built in Flower Mound; and Japanese architect Shigeru Ban's Paper Log House.