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5 Must-Read Books By DFW Authors


The following story ran the June 25, 2012, edition of CBS DFW Best of Home blog.

June 27, 2012

All of the recent must-read books from critically-acclaimed DFW writers have one thing in common: they make us think, laugh, cry, imagine distant lands and learn about past and current cultures. One depicts a flattering picture of the U.S. while another expresses a warning about history repeating itself. Another pokes fun at a wealthy Texas class oblivious to those without money or education. Each book is interesting and a good read. Check out these best works of literature from DFW authors....

“Bright and Distant Shores” by Dominic Smith
Southern Methodist University’s visiting creative writing professor Dominic Smith’s new book “Bright and Distant Shores” is receiving high praise. It is a 19th-century historic novel about America and tribal Pacific culture that takes the protagonist on voyages to Melanesia for tribal weaponry and handicrafts. Compared to works by Herman Melville and Robert Lewis Stevenson, Smith’s well-researched novel depicts the greed and hunger of museums and private collectors for artifacts, the beauty of the South Seas and the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution. Selected for Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2011 and winning awards in his native Australia, “Bright and Distant Shores” is an entertaining read for those loving adventure and history.