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Big iDeas Fall Symposium set for Nov. 16

November 15, 2012

Dallas and SMUStudent teams who have won "Big iDea" grants to help implement their ideas for addressing problems in the Dallas area will report on their progress and findings Friday, November 16, at SMU's Big iDeas Fall Symposium.

The symposium will be at 2:30 p.m. in the Forum of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center. The program will be followed by a reception.

Big iDeas at SMU, backed by the Office of the Provost, supports University student teams who were selected after submitting proposals to define, study and address the most important issues facing our home community. Teams received grants of up to $5,000. 

Grant recipients and their "Big iDeas" at Friday's symposium are:

Big iDea Grant Team 
"The [Untitled] Festival: Dallas” James Ryan Jillson
Shannon Delatorre
Katrina Leshan
"Dallas Refugee Community'' Jose Ramon Campos
Samantha Matthews
Ryan Wilson Smith
"Green Riba" Rahfin Faruk
Daisuke Takeda
"STEM Future Dallas" Jacob Fleming
Jessie Hart
Joey Ottolenghi
Alex Saucedo
"KAIROS Undergraduate Publication" Arnaud Zimmern
Tyler Douglas Anderson
Brandon Bub Rahfin Faruk TaylorKara
Rachel Stonecipher
"Momentum" Julianna Bond
Sara Kendrick
Emily Le
"Open Minds" Snow Nguyen
Kiara Benson
Genesis Reed
"SMU - West Dallas Youth Cultural Initiative Savannah Niles
Ray Henninger

 The 2013 proposals are due Friday, January 25, 2013. For more information, visit